Creativity, enviorment and motivation

Lectures and workshops promote and nurture creativity at school and in the workplace

וידאו של YouTube

וידאו של YouTube

How can we create an environment that encourages creativity ? What can you do to increase the motivation in work ? 
Is the atmosphere in which we work in encourages us to find creative and inovative solutions ?

It is clear that organizational creativity encourages growth and enables rapid adaptation to the changing economy. Moreover, organizational creativity improves motivation, and the desire of employees to contribute to the workplace.

This lecture tests the environment condition which allows us to express our creative abilities, and the common mistakes that suppress creativity and motivation we should avoid . 

The lecture will demonstrate how simple methods trigger big change .

This lecture is based on rich personal teaching, research and management experience.

The lecture combines updated studies and exercises conducted by students. These exercises demonstrate how proper planning of the working environment encourages motivation and creative thinking at home and at work. Moreover it emphasis the lack of planning of the work environment and tasks completely suppresses these capabilities.